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The 7 Stage Story Of The Wedding Cake

Even back as far as medieval times wedding cakes played an integral part in a wedding ceremony, but they haven’t always been the way we are used to seeing them today. Take a look at the 7 ways the crude loaf has evolved into the magnificent wedding cake that we see at weddings today.

1.  Medieval Times

Wedding cakes during medieval times were actually a form of unsweetened bread made from wheat and water. This bread was then thrown at the bride during the ceremony to encourage fertility.

2.  Roman Times

During Roman times, wedding cakes took on a new custom. The wedding cake now became a loaf of barley bread. Part of the loaf was eaten by the groom. He then broke what was left of the bread over his bride’s head.

This was to show his dominance over her and also to show the end of her virginal state.

3.  17th Century

By the 17th century the barley loaf was replaced by the ‘Brides Pie’. This was a pie filled with sweet-breads, a mince pie or mutton. Each pie contained a glass ring and they believed the lady who found the ring in her piece of pie would be the next to marry.

4. 19th  Century

By the 19th century, sweet cakes replaced the pies and this really was the start of an actual  wedding cake. They were normally flat one tier plum cakes. It was thought that if the bridesmaid slept with a piece of this cake under her pillow, she would dream of her future husband.

5. Victorian Times

This is when the wedding cake as we know it really started to become popular. And the first white wedding cakes appeared around this time. The cakes were covered in white icing, the white colour being a symbol of purity.

They were known as the bride’s cake and showed that the bride was the central figure at the wedding.

6.  The Modern Wedding Cake

Today’s couples have an endless choice when it comes to wedding cakes. Cakes these days are usually multi-tiered with pillars holding the top layers. Cakes can be sponge, fruit, chocolate or any other combination and can be colour- coordinated to match the theme of the wedding.

7. Cutting The Cake

The wedding cake is one of the most important parts of a wedding reception and is always given pride of place. It is second only to the bride’s dress and everybody remembers the cake long after the wedding is over.

As the bride and groom cut the first slice of the cake together, they are saying that they promise to always help each other. And as they feed one another from the first slice, they are saying they will provide for one another as they go through life together.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the history of the wedding cake.

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The 7 Most Popular 1st Dance Songs At Weddings

For some couples choosing the song for their first dance together as man and wife is easy. For them there is only one song that is ‘their song’.

But for others there have been quite a few songs that have become special to them since they met. And each one holds a memory of a special moment. So, how do you choose just one song?

Well, why not begin by sitting down together and both making a short list of the songs you would like to consider. Then you can look at the songs that appear on both your lists and remember what was happening at that time and why they are so special.

I asked a DJ friend of mine what songs he regularly gets asked to play at weddings for the couple’s first dance. This is his top 7:

1. Everything I Do by Brian Adams
2. Love Is All Around by Wet Wet Wet
3. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Andy Williams
4. Endless Love by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross
5. Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley
6. Tonight I Celebrate My Love For You by Roberta Flack and Peabo Bryson
7. Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton

Your first dance together will be one of the most romantic and most photographed parts of your wedding reception. It means all the formal stuff is over and your night of celebration is about to begin.

But whichever song you decide is the one for you, don’t forget to tell your music provider in advance. A DJ will need to have a copy of the song and if you are having a live band they need to be able to perform this song.

If you have already chosen your special song for your first dance together, why not leave me a comment in the box below.

I would love to know why you have chosen this particular song and why it means so much to you.

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Why Hiring A Wedding Planner Will Prevent These 7 Wedding Day Disasters

Organising your own wedding can seem like a daunting task. And if you have never planned a wedding before then why not consider hiring a wedding planner?

You might think they will cost you a fortune, but ultimately they will save you money.

1. Plan Your Budget

The first thing your wedding planner will do is to work out your budget and discuss your wish list with you.

She will then decide what your priorities are and where you can save money.

2. Plan A Guest List And Find A Venue

It will be up to you to set the date for your wedding and arrange your church and your planner will help you to organise your guest list. She will then set to work to find a reception venue for the date you’ve arranged and negotiate a price on your behalf.

And if you are having a sit-down meal, she will meet with you and organise a seating plan.

3. When You Arrive At The Church

Your planner will have meticulously arranged the timings of your ceremony and checked that all the decorations at the church are perfect. And once she has made certain all your guests are seated she will hightail it on to the reception.

4. The Reception

It is generally thought that up to 50% of a couple’s wedding budget is eaten up by the reception. But this is an area where your planner will really work her magic. She will plan your reception from start to finish and take care of everything including:

  • caterers and menu
  • flowers
  • wedding cake
  • table decorations
  • getting guests from the church to the reception

5. Hire A Photographer

A good wedding planner will have a list of wedding photographers that she regularly works with, and so will be able to get special rates. Your photographer is one of the most important people on your wedding day.

He will be the one who will capture the special moments that you will always want to look back on through the coming years. His pictures will allow you to share your special day with future generations.

6. Music

Most people agree that live music is best at wedding receptions. So once again your planner will have groups and bands that she works with regularly. You just need to decide on the type of music you would like to have.

Bear in mind some of your guests will be elderly and not everyone enjoys jazz or rock n’ roll, so it’s probably best to have a mix of music from the 60’s to the present day. Once you have decided your planner will do the rest.

7. At The End Of The Day

When your perfect day comes to an end and you have been waved off on your honeymoon, your planner will make sure everything is cleared away and will arrange for all the wedding presents to be delivered to the home of the bride and groom on their return.

Hiring a wedding planner will mean you can arrive at the church on your wedding day feeling completely stress-free. You can sure every little thing is being taken care of and nothing is left to chance, thanks to your wedding planner.

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