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7 Frequently Asked Questions About Bridal Showers

I must have lived a very sheltered life, because I have to admit that until I was planning my wedding, I had never even heard of a bridal shower.

But apparently they have been around since the eighteen hundreds in some parts of the world, but perhaps they are only just catching on here in the UK.

Anyway, bridal showers are great fun, and every bride-to-be should certainly have one.

But if you are like me, and bridal showers are new to you, take a look at these 7 most frequently asked questions:

1. What Is A Bridal Shower?

A bridal shower is a pre-wedding get together for the bride-to-be and her closest friends and family. It’s a party to celebrate the bride’s upcoming wedding, and it can be as formal or as casual as you want it to be. But the important thing is to make the bride feel really special.

2. Who Organises It?

Organising the bride’s shower is normally the responsibility of the matron of honour, along with help from the other bridesmaids. Although actually, there are no hard and fast rules, so often one of the bride’s close friends or a member of the grooms family hosts the shower.

3. Where Is The Bridal Shower Held?

Very often, especially if the party is quite informal, it will be held at the home of one of the bridesmaids, or another close friend of the bride. But if the shower is to be a larger, more formal affair, then it may be best to choose a more suitable venue such as a restaurant.

4. Who Pays For The Shower?

The cost of the shower party is often paid for by the matron of honour, but usually everyone is asked to contribute to the costs of the decorations and the food and drink. If the shower is held in a restaurant then everyone pays for their own food and drink.

5. Who Gets An Invite?

Providing the shower is not going to be a surprise for the bride, then she should be asked who she would like on the guest list. Traditionally, the guests should all be female, and friends of both the bride and the groom should be invited.

Also, it’s customary to only invite people who will actually be attending the wedding.

6. Should Guests Be Sent An Invitation?

Yes, guests should always be sent an informal invitation to the bridal shower either by email or regular post. The invitation is a way of telling would-be guests where and when the shower will be, the theme of the shower, what small gifts the bride would like to receive, and how much they each need to contribute towards the costs of things like the food and drink etc.

If the shower is be a lunch time or afternoon gathering, then the invitation should be sent well in advance to allow people to plan time off work etc.

7. What Happens At The Bridal Shower?

The bridal shower is all about having a fun time. Laughing, telling stories, playing bridal shower games, and of course eating. The food you serve really depends on the time of day, but most bridal showers are lunch time or afternoon occasions.

So a large bowl of champagne punch, an afternoon tea with platters of finger sandwiches with a variety of fillings and a dessert table is ideal. And don’t forget the important centre-piece of your table – the shower cake.