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7 Frequently Asked Questions About Engagement Parties

Becoming engaged is so exciting, but it’s not always easy to know how you should celebrate it. For some couples a party is the obvious way – while others will be wondering if that is right for them.

So below Ive answered 7 of the most frequently asked questions about engagement parties. Take a look, and hopefully these answers will help you decide if an engagement party is right for you.

1. Should We Have An Engagement Party?


Your engagement is probably one of the most special things that has happened to you so far. So I think this definitely calls for a celebration. It’s such an important time in your life. You have just left your single status behind to become one half of a couple. And a new adventure awaits you. Anyway, what better way is there to announce your news to the world than to have a party?

2. When Should We Have Our Party?


Well I would imagine it would be really nice to enjoy a couple of weeks where only you and your boyfriend know that you are engaged. Just to enjoy this little secret, and spend some special time together must be wonderful.

Unfortunately, for me this wasn’t possible. My husband – bless him, being the romantic traditionalist that he is, had unbeknown to me, asked my father’s permission to marry me. And the news spread like wildfire to all our families and friends.

So everyone knew before I did that he was going to propose. He’d even told them where and when he was going to do it – so I didn’t really have a story to tell when I got back!

3. Who Pays?

Traditionally the bride’s parents paid for the engagement party, but these days there aren’t really any rules. And if they have already contributed money towards the wedding you could feel it’s a bit unfair to ask them to stump up more money.

It’s quite acceptable for another family member or friend, or even the bride and groom to host the engagement party. But regardless of who hosts the party, guests should never be asked to pay for their own food and drinks.

4. Who Should We Invite?

Of course you will want to invite both sets of parents, and very close family members. This is when 2 families can be introduced and get to know each other. Much better than hurried introductions on your wedding day!

If you and your husband-to-be have decided on your bridal party and groomsmen, then they should also be invited. It’s usually thought bad etiquette to invite anyone to your engagement party that you don’t intend to invite to the wedding so think carefully when planning your engagement party guest list.

5. Where Should We Hold Our Party?

The venue for your party really depends on how many people you intend to invite. And you should also think about what sort of wedding you plan to have. You wouldn’t want your engagement party to outshine your wedding.

If your wedding is going to be a big formal affair, then a big party with all the bells and whistles will be fine. But if you are having a small wedding, then a more intimate dinner party at home or a backyard barbeque would be much better.

6. Should We Have A Gift Register?

You certainly shouldn’t expect your guests to turn up to your engagement party bearing gifts. A card is all that is required. After all, don’t forget there will be the bridal shower, the hen night, and the actual wedding when they will have to buy gifts.

But having said that, most people do like give a gift of some kind when they receive an invitation to a party, so have a few simple things in mind that won’t cost the earth, but will mark the occasion.

7. How Can We Make Our Engagement Party Extra Special?

With any party, the most important thing is that everyone has a fantastic time, and remembers that it was.  Everyone will be anxious to see you engagement ring and hear your story about the proposal.

Tell your story – make it sound really, really romantic. This will lead to lots of stories from your friends about theirs. Make sure you and your guests take lots of pictures that you can keep and look back on over the coming years.

The people that are really special to you all together. Toasting the future with the odd glass of champagne. Great conversation. The makings of any party. People laughing, enjoying good food and drink – you are going to have a fantastic engagement party.