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5 Places To Have A Wonderful Treehouse Honeymoon

Back in June of this year I wrote a post entitled 7 Secret Hideaways For a Romantic Honeymoon, and since then, many of you have been asking for more information about the treehouse at Chewton Glen.

So for those of you who are interested, I’m going to put the details here again, together with a link to their website.

Chewton Glen Tree-House Hampshire UK

The Chewton Glen Treehouse is hidden away in a secluded wooded valley in the New Forest in Hampshire. Set high up on stilts above the forest, the treehouse offers amazing views, as well as everything you could possibly want for a romantic and completely unique honeymoon.

Inside you will find a lounge area with cosy sofas and flat screen tv, as well as a well fitted kitchenette and a separate bedroom with a king sized bed. An outside terrace provides a hot tub and a comfortable seating area. It’s difficult to imagine all this is actually 35 feet above the ground.

This is a truly special place where you won’t want your honeymoon to ever end.

If you would like more details of the Chewton Glen Treehouse here is the email address:


And for those who don’t live in the UK, here are details of a few more treehouses around the world – all of them a perfect honeymoon hideaway:

Treehouse Bures Matangi Island Fiji

If you have always dreamed of a romantic, relaxing and unique honeymoon on an unspoilt tropical island in the South Pacific, then a treehouse bure on this Fijian island may be just what you are looking for.

The treehouses here on this beautiful island are built high above the ground among almond tree branches with views over the white sandy beach, the lush tropical rain forest and the gentle turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean.

The honeymoon suite offers guests:

  • a beautifully furnished living room / lounge area
  • large luxurious bedroom with king size bed
  • spacious bathroom with dual hand basins
  • air conditioning
  • private sun deck
  • outdoor jacuzzi hot tub and lava rock shower

Green Magic Resort Kerala India

Green Magic Resort is a totally environmentally friendly resort. And the locals are passionate about their rain forests, their indigenous plant life, and the animals and birds that inhabit the nearby forests.

All the treehouses are eco-friendly and have been designed and built by local craftsmen, using only local materials, still using the techniques first introduced by early inhabitants. Inside the houses are so basically beautiful – with 2 bedrooms, bathroom with shower, and veranda, and all this crafted by the locals with no cost to the planet.

There is no noise pollution, and no air pollution as all their power is generated by a combination of a solar system and Gober gas from cow dung.

Truly a perfect honeymoon hideaway. Here is the link if you wish to know more:

Treehouses of Hawaii

A Hawaiian Island is always near the top of most couples’ lists when they are planning their honeymoon destination. So a treehouse on Maui will give you the best of both worlds. Look out in one direction and see the beautiful turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean, while from another direction you can see the jungle treetops.

Once again this is an eco-friendly resort and is said to be quite rustic. These houses are set in very tall trees and are out in the real jungle, and although it’s a beautiful, peaceful spot for a honeymoon, it may not be for the faint-hearted.

Tree House The Lodge Argyll Scotland

Well I know this is yet another treehouse in the UK, but technically it is over the border from England, and as it’s so beautiful I really wanted to show it to you.

The Lodge is a luxurious 5 star venue in Argyll, Scotland which is just a few miles from Glasgow airport. Nothing can prepare you for the magnificence of the house and the absolutely stunning scenery of the surrounding area.

The treehouse is built in a huge Scot’s Pine in the grounds of the lodge, and sits on the edge of Loch Goil and is licenced to perform wedding ceremonies. Accommodation can be in the Summer House, which is a completely self contained cottage, or in one of the lodge’s en-suite rooms where you will find elegant iron bedsteads and roll top baths.

Either option will offer you complete relaxation and privacy to enjoy this special time together.
The Lodge is a perfect honeymoon spot for more adventurous couples as there are plenty of activities nearby including:

  • quad biking
  • clayshooting
  • horseriding
  • mountain biking
  • fishing
  • falconry

More details of weddings and honeymoons at the Lodge can be obtained by email –

How To Choose Your Wedding Photographer

Your wedding photographs are more than just pictures – they tell the story of your wedding day. And although the bride and groom are the main attraction, many of your photographs will include guests and also your wedding venue and the surroundings.

Wedding photographs are one of the most important parts of your wedding day. Every couple looks forward to seeing their pictures when they return from honeymoon. They are not just simple mementos, they are your special moments on what was probably the most amazing day of your life.

Where To Look

So part of your wedding planning is to find a good photographer. There are several ways you can do this. Word of mouth is always good, so you could ask any friends who have recently got married if they recommend the person they employed to take their pictures. Or of course you can find adverts for wedding photographers at wedding fairs, bridal boutiques and magazines.

Be sure you choose your photographer carefully. Ask to see his portfolio of weddings he has previously photographed. This will let you see if you like the style of pictures he takes. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and explain exactly what you want.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

Have a list of questions ready when you interview any would-be photographer. Ask if he has the necessary insurance. This is very important. If something should happen to go wrong with your pictures, although it would be very distressing, at least you can have a second lot of pictures taken. And ask how long he intends to stay at your wedding taking pictures.

Make sure he understands the theme of your wedding, and whether it is going to be a very grand formal affair, or a smaller more casual occasion. Most photographers have different packages with various prices, so ask him to tell you exactly what pictures you will get for your budget. Ask if the price includes your wedding album, and an album for both sets of parents. If it doesn’t, how much extra will this cost?

Above all, make sure you choose a wedding photographer that you feel happy with. You need to be confident that he knows exactly what you want. After all, you and probably your children and your grandchildren will be looking at these pictures many times throughout the coming years. Wonderful memories of your perfect day.

Which Wedding Bouquet Is Right For You?

Every bride-to-be will no doubt spend hours putting together her perfect outfit to wear as she walks down the aisle on her wedding day. Of course the perfect outfit always starts with the dress. And once you are happy that you have found ‘the one’ then you can begin to choose the accessories that you need to complete your look.

Because flowers are going to be an important part of the day, you need to bear this in mind when the time comes to choose your bridal bouquet.

Although it’s usual for brides to choose a bouquet made up with real flowers, it is becoming more popular these days to use silk flowers. The difference here is that real flowers can wilt very quickly during the hot weather, and no bride wants to throw a bunch of sad wilting flowers over her shoulder at the end of the day.

If you are planning to marry in winter time, then many of the flowers you would like to choose will be expensive, as they will have been imported from sunnier countries. Once you have decided on the flowers that will make up your bouquet, you need to decide on the style.

Teardrop Bouquet

This style of bouquet cascades down over the front of the dress. It is a romantic look, and is suitable for a formal or a more casual wedding.

Prayerbook Bouquet

This is perfect for a bride to carry during a religious ceremony. Decorate with flowers or ribbons for a gentle look.


A posy bouquet is a good choice for a bride who wants to create her own wedding flowers. This type of bouquet can easily be adapted to fit any wedding theme or colour.

Long-Stemmed Sheath Bouquet

For a more formal look, consider a sheath of long-stemmed flowers such as lilies and gladioli, tied with organza ribbon, and carried in the crook of your arm.

Silk Flower Bouquet

There are many advantages to choosing faux flowers for your bouquet. They can be prepared in advance, they won’t wilt on a hot day, and best of all, you can keep this bit of your wedding day for ever.

Eco-friendly Bouquet

Choose locally grown, organic flowers for your bouquet and wedding flowers. The best places to source these is the local farmer’s market, or your own, or a friend’s garden. Many florists now offer environmentally-friendly bouquets using locally grown flowers.