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How To Plan A Parisian Themed Wedding

Deciding on the theme of your wedding is where your planning begins.  Your theme can be based on your heritage, your favourite era, or even something as simple as your favourite color.

But if you just want your wedding to be all about love and romance, then maybe a Parisian theme is right for you. Look at some of the ways you can bring the elegance and the romance of Paris to your wedding.

The venue

 A Parisian themed wedding deserves a really special venue. And although you may not be able to hire a real French Chateau, it’s still possible to create a romantic, Parisian atmosphere in a venue such as a country manor.  High ceilings and huge chandeliers on the interior, and outside, beautifully manicured gardens with avenues of trees offering the perfect backdrop for your wedding photographs.


 Your stationery is an important part of your wedding.The invitations you send out to your guests are a good way to let them know the style and theme of your forthcoming wedding. So your design needs to be very French. and very romantic- so it could include famous French landmarks, flowers or lovebirds, and lots of romantic words, like l’amour.

Attire For the Bride And Groom

 As a bride-to-be, choosing your wedding gown is probably the most important part of your wedding planning. So following through on the romantic theme, a vintage style dress in white or ivory would be a perfect choice.  And even though it’s not especially French, the traditional top hat and tails for the groom and his groomsmen adds elegance, and always looks good in the photographs.


 Flowers are an important part of every wedding. The flowers you choose need to reflect not only  the theme of your wedding, but your personality too. Your bridal bouquet can be as elaborate or simple as you want it to be, but as your theme is all about the romance of Paris, your flowers should reflect this. A bouquet of roses, lilies, or tulips, in a soft pastel shade, arranged with gypsophila and tied with ribbon would all add the romantic touch.

The Menu

French food is delicious, and one of the best ways to serve it is on a huge buffet table. This is a great way to cater for a large number of guests. So of course, the first thing you need is cheese – lots of gorgeous French cheese. Place miniature French flags on cocktail sticks into the cheeses naming the different varieties. Serve with baskets of lovely crusty French bread, and grapes and olives. Fill the table with lots of finger foods, croissants, quiches, pate`s and salads and a huge selection of French pastries.

The Wedding Cake

 And to finish, delight your guests with a traditional French wedding cake, or croquembouche to give it it’s proper name. This is made with choux pastry profiteroles which are filled with cream and piled high into a tower and held together with spun sugar.