3 Ways To Make Your Wedding Unique

Every couple wants their wedding to be unforgettable. Very often weddings can all be a bit same-y. But with a bit of thought it is possible to have a perfect wedding day that you and your guests will remember. It’s just a case of bringing your own personality to your wedding, and making certain your guests have fun.

Choose An Unusual Venue

There was a time when couples felt obliged to get married in their local church. But now, with such an endless choice of interesting venues out there, you can find one that has a special meaning for you.

It could be somewhere as simple as your parent’s backyard – or the park where you used to spend your evenings during your early days together, or the magical place where you both realised you wanted to spend the rest of your lives together.

But if you really want to show your groom how much you love him, then how about saying “I do” at the studium of his favourite football team.

Write Your Own Vows

Writing your own wedding vows makes your wedding special to you in a way that nothing else can. It allows you to say exactly what is in your heart. Most couples prefer to write their vows together, often choosing to write one vow that they will say to each other.

You may want to keep your vows fairly traditional, or go down a more un-traditional route. Whichever you choose, you should get the approval of your officiant.  Making your personal promises to each other in front of your family and friends gives them special meaning.

Personalize Your Wedding Music

The music you choose for your wedding day requires some serious thought. It needs to set the mood, and create the atmosphere you want for your wedding. If there is a specific theme to your wedding, then your music should reflect this.

Remember, there are several parts to your day – the ceremony, the wedding breakfast, and the reception party. And they all need different music.You may want the gentle music from a harpist or a string quartet during the ceremony and the wedding breakfast followed with a live band or disco for the reception party.

If, like most couples, you already have a special song, then choosing the song for your first dance together is easy. But if you are still searching for the perfect song, then you need to find something that is romantic and describes how you are feeling right now.

Whatever song you choose, it will forever be “your song” and will always remind you of the first time you danced together as man and wife. With so many wonderful romantic songs out there, it’s going to be difficult to choose just one. If you’re looking for a few ideas, take a look at this list .


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