7 Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding DJs

One of the most important parts of your wedding preparations is choosing a DJ. We often don’t realise what a vital part they play in making sure our wedding reception is a success.

So because it’s not always easy to know how to pick a good DJ, I’ve put together a list of the 7 most frequently asked questions about wedding DJs, and I hope it’ll help you out.

1. How Can I Find A Good DJ?

Well, of course word of mouth is always useful. You may know people who have married recently who can recommend the DJ they hired.

But personally, I think asking the people working at your venue or your caterers is one of the best ideas. After all, they must have seen and worked with dozens of DJs.

2. Should I Ask For A Written Contract?

Yes, definitely. A true professional will always offer a written legal contract. You need to know things like how much you are paying, what it covers, are there likely to be any extras, and what those costs could be.  Get all these things in writing in advance so that you can avoid problems later.

3. Will The DJ Agree To A Meeting?

It’s important that you meet with your DJ beforehand, so only go with a DJ who is prepared to meet you well ahead of your wedding day. You will need to discuss the general theme of your wedding, the lighting, the music you like, and the music you don’t like.

And of course he will need to know which song to play when you dance for the first time as man and wife!

4.  What Can I Expect The DJ’s Role To Be?

He will be your emcee and keep everything on schedule. He will work with your instructions, coordinating with the caterers and the photographer when introducing the toasts, your first dance together, the cutting of the cake, and the bouquet toss. That’s a long list of important jobs, and that’s why your choice of DJ is an important one to get right.

And he will make sure everyone, especially the bride, has a great time.

5. Should We Ask For References?

Yes. You should ask for references from recent clients. Most DJs will also be able to show you some of their work on video. This gives you a chance to see him in action and decide if you like his style, his speaking voice etc.

6. Can We Ask That The DJ Wears A Tuxedo?

Yes. Although most professional DJs would dress appropriately for a wedding reception, you do need to clarify this. You certainly wouldn’t want a DJ to turn up wearing jeans and t-shirt.

7.  Should We Feed Our DJ?

Yes – your DJ will probably be working for quite a few hours. He will be setting up his equipment long before you and your guests arrive, so you do need to offer some kind of food and drink.

It doesn’t have to be a sit-down meal, but you should ask your caterer to prepare a light meal or some sandwiches which he can eat during his break. This will keep your DJ happy during your reception, and a happy DJ will be a well-performing DJ.

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