7 Frequently Asked Questions About Guest Lists

Planning your wedding is great fun and possibly one of the most exciting things you will ever  do.

But no one can deny the hardest part is making the guest list. Obviously the number of guests you invite will depend on your budget and the size of your reception venue.

Take a look at these 7 frequently asked questions about guest lists to help you decide who should get an invite.

1. Who Should We Invite?

The people you invite to share your wedding celebrations with you should be people who are very special to you, people who have played a part in your life.

These are normally close family members and good friends.

2. Who Decides The Guest List?

Once you have determined how many guests you are going to invite, it is usual to offer both the bride’s and the groom’s parents a third of the invitations. They will normally use these these to invite family members.

The rest are for you and your soon-to-be husband to use for your friends.

3. Should We Have A Backup List?

Yes, there will always be some people who will, for some reason or other not be able to attend your wedding, so keep a second list of guests that didn’t make the first cut.

4. Can We Say No Children?

This is always a tricky one as many of your guests will have children. But it is fine for you to stipulate that children are not invited, as long as you are consistent and don’t make exceptions.

5. Should Singles Be Allowed To Bring A Date?

Again this is a tricky one. It would seem fair that single people who have a steady partner should be considered a couple.

But when it comes to singles with no partner, it really is up to you. Although it’s acceptable to invite a single without a guest, you wouldn’t want them to feel uncomfortable.

So maybe, if numbers allow, it’s nice to say singles can bring a guest.

6. Should We Invite Our Work Colleagues?

The short answer here is no. And unless one of them is your very best friend outside work, don’t make any exceptions.

If you feel at all bad about leaving them out, just explain your wedding is going to be a small family affair, and invite them to a BBQ or dinner before the wedding.

7. Will I Offend Those Who Don’t Receive An Invitation?

Just remember this is your day. The number of guests you can accommodate depends mostly on your budget, so you can’t possibly invite everyone you ever knew.

And although you want both sets of parents to play a part in it, you should have the final word on who gets an invitation to your wedding. Of course, if parents are helping out financially, then there may have to be some compromises.

But the main thing is, that a good time is had by all, and more importantly, you and your new husband have a wonderful wedding day, surrounded by the people who are most special to you.

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