7 Important Jobs For Your Chief Bridesmaid

The chief bridesmaid, often known as the matron or maid of honour, plays a very important part in a wedding. She is to the bride what the best man is to the groom.

This is a role that carries great responsibility and the bride normally chooses her sister, if she has one or a very close friend to be her chief bridesmaid.

Throughout the wedding preparations the chief bridesmaid offers support and advice and will generally be the bride’s rock.

Take a look at these 7 duties the chief bridesmaid will be responsible for, not just during the planning process, but during and after the big day:

1. Planning The Hen Party

The hen party can be as simple as a quiet drink, dinner at a local restaurant, or it might be something as extravagant as a girlie week in the sun. And although it wasn’t always the case, the bride now helps to decide on the hen party.

Once the decision is made, the chief bridesmaid will make all the necessary arrangements such as reservations and collecting any monies from the girls who will make up the party.

2. The Wedding Gown Search

The most important thing a bride has to do when she is planning her wedding is to find her perfect wedding dress. This is where the chief bridesmaid really comes into her own.

As she accompanies the bride on endless shopping expeditions, watching her try on dress after dress, she will tactfully offer advice and suggestions until the dress is bought. She will then accompany the bride to all the future fittings of the dress.

3. Dressing The Bridesmaids

Another vital role for a chief bridesmaid is helping the bride to arrange the outfits for both the other bridesmaids and the flower girls. To make sure this task goes smoothly, the chief bridesmaid will need to arrange a time that is suitable for everyone, since fittings are generally carried out on everyone at the same time and in the same location.

During these fittings, the chief bridesmaid will often have a second task to complete: helping the bride-to-be make sure these outfits coordinate with the bridal gown.

4. The Wedding Day

Finally, the wedding day dawns, and this is the day everyone has worked so hard for. The day when everything comes together, and the day when the chief bridesmaid really takes control. Just look at some of the things she will be responsible for:

  • Helping the bride with her hair, manicure and make-up
  • Dressing the younger bridesmaids and page boys
  • Help with the bride’s dress
  • Keep everybody calm
  • Leave for church in the car with the bride’s mother and the other bridesmaids

5. Arriving At The Church

At the church, the chief bridesmaid will:

  • Await the arrival of the bride and help her out of the car
  • Arrange her dress and veil
  • Make sure the other bridesmaids, flower girls and page boys are in place
  • Follow the bride and her escort (usually her father ) down the aisle
  • Enter the vestry with the best man to witness the signing of the register

6. At The Reception

As the bridal party arrives at the reception venue the chief bridesmaid will:

  • Be a part of the receiving line and greet the guests
  • Give a short speech and toast the bride and groom
  • Be responsible for the bride’s bouquet and any wedding gifts
  • Make sure everyone has good time, especially the bride
  • Together with the best man, join the bride and groom on the dance floor for the first dance

7. And When It’s All Over

As the newly-wed couple begin their honeymoon the chief bridesmaid still has a few last jobs to do. She will need to make sure all the wedding gifts go to the couples home in time for their return. Return any outfits, cake stands, knives etc that were hired.

So as you can see the chief bridesmaid has a lot of responsibilities, and the bride depends on her throughout the whole planning process and the wedding itself.

So yes, the role of the chief bridesmaid is a hard one and there is a lot of pressure on her, but any downsides will be hugely outweighed by helping the bride to have her dream wedding day

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