7 Romantic Things To Do On A Parisian Honeymoon

There was a time when the groom alone planned the honeymoon. These days, couples enjoy planning their honeymoon together, and one of the best parts is deciding on the destination. Do you want the peace and tranquility of a paradise island, or the excitement and the buzz of a big city like New York? Or maybe you’d like something a bit more adventurous like an African safari.

But if all you really want is romance, then Paris could be the perfect destination for you. It’s said that Paris is best visited with the one you love, so what could be better than spending this special time there with your brand new husband.

 Take a look at these 7 romantic things you could do on a Parisian honeymoon.


1. See Paris From The Top Of The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is probably the most famous landmark in Paris and is not to be missed. Climb the stairs to the second level around sunset. This is when you will get the most amazing views of the city, all lit up and stretching out for miles. This is Paris sightseeing at it’s best.Then take the elevator to the top, watch the light show and sip champagne.


2. Explore The Latin Quarter

If you want to experience the real feel of Paris, then a visit to the Latin Quarter is a must. Mingle with the Parisian locals as you walk through the cobbled streets and alleyways – discover quaint antique shops, tea shops, book shops, and small theatres and museums, hidden away in the winding backstreets.


3. Say Je t’aime with Chocolate

Chocolate really is the food of love, and the French chocolatiers are some of the best in the world. So start your chocolate feast with a Hot Chocolat a L’ancienne at Angelinas on the Rue de Rivoli, said to be the thickest, richest, creamiest hot chocolate ever – served with a cup of whipped cream on the side. Buy a huge bag of truffles and chocolates, take them back to the hotel, and eat them in bed.


4. Visit an Oyster Bar

The Huitrerie Regis oyster bar is yet another little gem tucked away in the quieter streets of Paris on the Rue de Montfaucon, and this place is definitely worth a visit. Here you can enjoy a delicious plate of plump fresh oysters, perfectly presented on a bed of seaweed and served up with delicious French bread. And a glass of champagne. What could be better!


5. The Avenue des Champs Elysee

No visit to Paris is complete without a stroll down the beautiful Champs Elysee.  But the most romantic way to see it is to hire a tuc-tuc to take you from one end to the other. This world famous avenue has everything, including historic buildings – the Arc de Triomphe at one end and Place de la Concorde at the other. And in between, designer shops, cinemas, parks, pavement cafes.


6. A Romantic Dinner at Coupe Chou

This charming old restaurant, hidden away from the tourists on Rue de Lanneau is a perfect place for a honeymoon couple to enjoy a romantic dinner. Inside this lovely old building you will find stone floors, exposed beams, little alcoves with roaring fires, and candlelit tables. And they serve the most amazing French food.


7. A Magical Dinner Cruise

Take a romantic dinner cruise down the Seine. As the flood lights shine on some of the most famous and historical buildings and bridges in Paris and reflect on the water, you will see exactly why Paris is called the city of lights. Don’t forget to steal a kiss as you sail under Pont Marie bridge. Legend has it that this will ensure your love will last forever.


The magic and romance of Paris will stay with you long after your honeymoon is over, and you know you will be back to celebrate many future anniversaries.

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