7 Simple Tips To Help You Plan A Green Wedding

Although every couple wants to have a dream wedding, most also want their wedding to be as  environmentally friendly as possible. This is not as challenging as you may first think – just take a look at these 7 ways you can enjoy a wonderful wedding day while doing your bit for the planet.

1. Wedding Dress

It always seems a shame that you only get to wear your gorgeous wedding dress once. Wouldn’t it be great if you could wear your wedding dress time and time again, long after your wedding is over?

Well, thanks to French designer Hanna Hartnell you can. She has come up with what she calls her ‘Double Dare Gown’. This is a beautiful silk wedding gown which is completely reversible.

Because the dress is lined with a different colour silk, reversing it means that you can you can wear it to many occasions such as other people’s weddings or cocktail parties.


2. Wedding Stationery

When planning your save-the-date cards, wedding invites, and thank you cards, look for companies that use recycled paper. Or better still, why not send on-line invites and ask people to email their responses? Or you might even like to set up a wedding blog that you could update at regular intervals.


3. Photographs

The age of digital photography means you can avoid wasteful film and all the chemicals that need to be used in film development. Ask your guests to post the pictures they take on the Internet, and don’t put disposable cameras on the tables.


4. Favors

It’s always difficult trying to come up with something original to give your guests. And just as difficult to find a gift that is Eco-friendly or ethically produced. So why not consider giving them a plant or a sapling.

A sapling packaged in a rustic hessian sack and tied with white ribbon is not only a beautiful favor, but can also be used as a place setting. This is a gift that will last and will always be a reminder of your wedding day.

If you would like to give plants, wildflower seeds or saplings as favors at your wedding, here are 2 great websites to check out


5. Flowers

If you decide to have real flowers for your bouquet and floral displays, try to use blooms which have been locally grown, and not imported flowers which will have clocked up air miles.

Of course, if you wanted to be really green you could choose silk flowers, but if you want fresh flowers buy ones which have been grown organically and not sprayed with chemicals.

You can find out more about organic wedding flowers by checking out this website:


6. Wedding Cake

Finding an organic wedding cake is really easy these days. And most cake suppliers can now offer cakes made using free-range eggs and wherever possible, fair-trade products. Most of the ingredients are locally sourced and organic.

Gone are the tacky, plastic bride and groom which stood on top the cake. Instead the cakes are finished to compliment the colours and style of your wedding, and topped with seasonal fruits.


7. The Honeymoon

If you are determined to have a ‘green’ honeymoon, then of course your choices of destination are a little more restricted. But you don’t necessarily need to honeymoon on your doorstep.

There are now several travel agents which specialize in environmentally friendly holidays. They can plan you a holiday in an overseas location, but show you ways you can offset your carbon footprint when you are there, such as staying in the smaller hotels and eating in local the restaurants.

This not only helps the local economy, but will be less expensive for you.

If you would like to find out more about environmentally friendly honeymoons, here are 2 websites you should check out:


So planning a ‘green’ wedding is not just good for the planet, but it can be fun sourcing everything you need.  And the results will be very satisfying knowing you have done your bit.

So till next time,
Take care


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