How To Have Your Own Royal Wedding In 7 Simple Steps

All celebrity weddings start trends, but they all pale in comparison to the mother of all celebrity weddings: the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The wedding was so spectacular, so mesmerizing, that brides-to-be all around the world have been trying to recreate the royal wedding ever since it was broadcast on TV in April 2011.

If you’re one of these brides-to-be who would love to have your very own royal wedding, I’ve put together a 7 step guide to help you to achieve one.

1. The Bride’s Dress

Well the highlight of the day was certainly Kate’s beautiful, almost vintage style wedding gown, with a 3 metre train.

This stunning ivory dress, with it’s hand made lace bodice, sleeves and skirt was the creation of Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen and is estimated to have cost £40,000.

But the good news is, for around £595 it is now possible for you to own a replica of this gorgeous dress. The more famous high end bridal boutiques now stock a limited edition of this dress.

2. Pippa’s Dress

This absolutely stunning dress, again a creation of Sarah Burton, almost stole the day. And of course, Pippa Middleton was the perfect person to wear this dress.

This ivory, satin based crepe dress is said to have cost £20,000, but your chief bridesmaid could be wearing a copy of this dress at your wedding. A replica is now available on the high street for a more modest £170.

3. Bridesmaid’s Dresses

The beautiful dresses which the bridesmaids and flower girls wore were designed and made by Wiltshire designer Nicki Macfarlane.

These dresses were painstakingly hand-made from ivory organza and wild silk and finished with delicate English lace.

A replica of these little dresses is available in some wedding boutiques for around £48.

4. Getting To The Reception

When Kate and Wills left Westminster Abbey as man and wife, they travelled through the streets of London in the famous 20 foot long royal horse drawn coach to their reception venue.

But if you and your new husband don’t have access to a horse drawn coach, do the next best thing and travel through London to your reception venue aboard an open-top London bus!

5. The Bouquet

Kate’s simple, elegant bouquet of delicate flowers and shrubbery, was made up of Lily of the Valley, Hyacinth, and Sweet William. She also followed tradition of previous royals by including stems from the Myrtle which was planted by Queen Victoria in 1845, and a sprig from the Myrtle used in the Queen’s bouquet back in 1947.

Depending on the time of year you get married, specialist wedding florists will be able to replicate Kate’s bouquet. Lily of the Valley is normally only available in April and May, Sweet William from April to June, and Hyacinths from November to May.

6. The Wedding Cake

Wills and Kate’s wedding cake was a magnificent 8 tier masterpiece, dressed with cream and white icing. 900 sugar-paste flowers were used to decorate this wonderful creation. It took cake-maker Fiona Cairns and her team 5 weeks to complete the task. It is thought to have cost over £50,000.

Emulating this cake could prove a bit tricky. Some of the very best experienced bakers, including Jean-Michel Raynaud have produced copies, but these can still cost a whopping £5,000.

So a bit of compromising is called for here. You can still have a stunning multi-tiered wedding cake by asking your baker to use Styrofoam for the bottom tiers. Once decorated, these fake tiers are impossible to distinguish from the real thing.

7. Prince William’s Cake

Prince William broke with tradition when he decided to have a groom’s cake at his wedding. He chose his childhood favourite chocolate cake. McVities made the cake using 40lbs chocolate and 1700 of their famous rich tea biscuits, and decorated with white chocolate and left to set in a fridge.

It’s easy to make a simplified version of this delicious, rich chocolate cake. A quick google search will bring up several versions of the recipe. It’s quick and simple to make and require no cooking.

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