7 Things You Must Remember To Do When Planning Your Wedding

Being engaged is a wonderful time – and the prospect of planning your wedding is exciting. But never in your wildest dreams did you imagine there was so much to think about. What with budgets, venues, guest lists, gift lists, etc, it’s easy to forget some of the important stuff. So I’ve put together 7 things that couples often forget about.

1. Wedding Insurance

One thing that is easy to overlook is the importance of wedding insurance. Why would you need it? After all, with all your careful planning, what could possibly go wrong?

Well, here in the UK, only a few months ago, a very large wedding venue went into liquidation. Some couples, who were only weeks away from their wedding day lost as much as £8000.

Although it would still have been very upsetting to say the least, with wedding insurance they would at least have got their money back.

Wedding insurance will also cover you for :

  • loss or damage to your wedding gifts
  • damage to your wedding dress
  • vendors or suppliers letting you down
  • vendors or suppliers going out of business
  • injuries to any of your guests

2. Gifts for wedding party

Of course it’s traditional for a bride to give a gift to her maid of honour, her bridesmaids, and her flower girls. These gifts are often jewellery which can be worn during the wedding. If you are planning to give to give jewellery, then you could make it extra special by having it personalised with their name or initial.

And not forgetting the friends who helped to bring this day together – a small gift will show your appreciation for the time and support they gave you.

3. Thanking your parents

Don’t forget  your parents and your future in-laws deserve a really big thank you. This is an emotional day for them as well, as they watch their children marry and begin a new life.
Thank your parents for the love and support they have shown you throughout the years, and for making you who you are today, and thank your new in-laws for raising such a wonderful son and for welcoming you into their family.

4. Prepare tips in advance

There are some people who you will want to tip for the contribution they made on your wedding day. So prepare these in envelopes in advance. This way you, or your maid can just hand them out at the appropriate times. It’s quite usual to tip the following people:

  • waiting staff
  • flower arranger
  • DJ
  • photographer
  • your hairdresser
  • your make-up artist

5. List of songs

There are of course going to be songs that are really special to you and your new husband. And you absolutely have to have them played at your wedding. But there are sure to be songs that for one reason or another, you absolutely detest.

So not only should you give your DJ a list of what you would like him to play ( including the one you have chosen for your first dance together as man and wife ) he needs to know which songs you would rather he didn’t play.

6. Passports, visas, inoculations

Whether you need passports, visas, or inoculations depends of course on the honeymoon destination you have chosen. Remember the name on your travel documents needs to match the name on your passport.

So if you booked your honeymoon in your maiden name, then postpone changing your passport until after the honeymoon.

7. At the end of the day

Sadly your perfect wedding day has to come to an end. So appoint a trusted friend to be in charge of any presents and cards that have been brought to the reception. And keep them and your guest book safe until you return.

Make sure someone is happy to return any items that have been hired, like suits, and cake knife and stand. Then when you get in the car to leave and you look back and see everyone waving you off, you know someone is taking care of these little things for you.

All that remains is for you to have a fabulous honeymoon.

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