7 Tips To Help You Have A Great Backyard Wedding

Choosing a special place to get married is always exciting. But weddings don’t have to be in a church. And as more and more couples are discovering, you can have the most perfect wedding day in your own backyard.

Backyard weddings are much more relaxed and casual than those in churches or large venues like hotels. And the beauty of a backyard wedding is, the date you choose will always be free and your wedding will be completely unique. And a backyard wedding will save you a fortune too!

1. Preparing For Your Big Day

It’s never too soon to begin preparing your garden for your wedding day. So get weeding, pruning and planting straight away, to make sure you have the perfect setting for your backyard wedding.

Plant shrubs and country garden flowers, so you will have something really special for your bridal bouquet. Start manicuring your lawns on a regular basis. If you plan to make your vows under an arbor or an arch, then vines and roses or balloons would make excellent decorations.

2. Making Guests Comfortable

Hire some simple white tables and chairs. Dress the tables with elegant tablecloths and decorate with simple but stylish home made centre pieces. Use flower vases with blooms from your own garden on every table.

Place sun umbrellas over the tables to ensure guests are comfortable if the day is very hot.
And unless you want all your guests traipsing through your house all day you will need to hire a portable outdoor bathroom.

3. You Can’t Plan The Weather

Hopefully the weather will be perfect for your outdoor wedding, but just in case it’s not, you are going to need a backup plan. And unless you have a tent, rain, wind or even extreme heat could mean all the celebrations taking place inside your home. So decide beforehand how many people you can safely accommodate.

4. Parking

Unless you have parking space enough for all your guests, then you may have to think about organising some transport for them. So hiring a bus to carry your guests to and from your wedding is probably a good idea.

5. Choosing Your Music and Entertainment

The entertainment you choose for your wedding depends on your theme. If your wedding is not too formal, then a harpist, a string quartet or an acoustic guitar will be beautiful background music. But if you want something a bit more lively then you could consider a jazz quartet, or you could simply use your ipod.

6.The Menu

The food you offer your guests is one of the most important parts of a backyard wedding reception. Your menu can be really casual. A BBQ serving chicken, ribs, baked potatoes and cheese and beans and lots of lovely salad is always great fun.

Or you could make your food more of a picnic with baskets of sandwiches and cakes on all the tables. And big bowls of lovely summer fruits and thick jersey cream. And the best part about a picnic is that most of the food can be prepared and kept cool well in advance.

7. What Drinks Should You Serve?

Keeping your guests hydrated on a hot summer’s day is very important.
Keep beverages simple – offer lots of iced drinks, water, lemonade, iced tea, and punch, as well as cold beers.

And of course you must have wine and sparkling champagne for the toasts.

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