7 Vital Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

One of the most important people on your wedding day is your photographer. Your wedding will be over in just a few short hours, and the pictures he takes will be your only life-long memory of your special day.

It’s vital that when you choose your photographer you make the right choice. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions you may have.

Take a look at these 7 questions. They are just a small sample of the questions you need to ask a wedding photographer.

1. Do You Have References, And A Portfolio And Samples From Previous Weddings You Have Photographed?

Make sure the photographer can show you a complete album and not just random pictures. This will enable you to see if you like his style. And be sure to check out those references!

2. What Time Will You Arrive, And How Much Time Will You Spend At My Wedding?

If you want pictures of you and your bridesmaids as you are getting ready, having your hair styled and having your make-up done, make sure you mention this when you meet with the photographer.

Obviously this will have to be factored into the price.

3. Can We Give You A List Of Specific Shots We Would Like, And How Soon Can We See The Pictures You Take?

Most photographers are more than happy to discuss specific shots with you as it helps them to know what pictures you have in mind.

By the time the wedding breakfast is over, the photographer usually has all the pictures ready for you to view on a laptop computer. You can then feel happy that you have all the pictures you wanted.

4. What Style Of Pictures Do You Take?

Check out if the photographer likes to take more formal pictures (poses where everyone is looking at the camera and saying cheese) or whether he looks for more spontaneous shots –  the sort that capture special moments.

And of course, the obligatory formal group shots of your families and friends.

5. Will You Provide An On-line Gallery Of Pictures?

Most wedding photographers do this. It means family and friends can view the complete set of pictures of the wedding day, allowing them to purchase copies of any pictures they want.

Find out how long pictures will be on-line.

6. Are you Insured?

Although most wedding photographers are insured, you do need to confirm that yours is. Should there be any problems, and something goes wrong with the equipment, as disappointing as this will be, you know your photographs will be retaken.

7. How Much Is Your Fee?

Of course, this depends on things like the length of time your photographer spends at your wedding, how many pictures he takes etc.

Be sure to ask if the price includes your wedding album, and albums for both sets of parents. Also ask what extras might be involved and how much they could cost.

So choose your wedding photographer carefully. Find one that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed and is willing to listen to your suggestions.

This way you know the photographs of your wedding will be exactly what you wished for and more.

After all, these are the memories you will keep for ever, and enjoy sharing with future generations.

So till next time
Take care


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