7 Ways To Guarantee Your Groom Doesn’t Ruin Your Wedding

We all know that if men were left solely in charge of all the wedding plans your wedding would be a total disaster. And with this in mind, here are the 7 most likely ways your H2B could mess up a perfect wedding day.

1. The Honeymoon

Just picture this……you are at the top of the ski-slope ready to make your first descent and you are wearing your bikini. Or you are on a camel on the sands of Dubai and you are wearing a lovely big faux fur coat, and why is this?

Well, it’s because your H2B planned the honeymoon and omitted to tell you what clothes you should pack.

2. The Vows

If you and your H2B have decided to write your own vows, this could potentially be another disaster area. Unless he is the next poet laureate or a budding Shakespeare then my advice would be for you to listen to his vows before the big day. Better you hear the worst rather than 200 people in the church.

3. The Best Man

Although ultimately the choice of his best man must be his, you need to be certain that the person he chooses is going to take his duties seriously.

And that means someone who won’t embarrass anyone (especially your mother) by telling rude jokes or recalling past incidents that are best forgotten.

4. The Stag Night

Under no circumstances must you allow your groom to have a stag night, (or bachelor night for Americans) the night before your wedding. Boys will be boys, and after a jolly night’s drinking some will think it hilarious to put the well-oiled groom on an overnight train.

So where do you want your groom to be on your wedding day? At your side in the church, or at a railway station the other end of the country.

5. Looking Good

You want your man to look his best, especially on the wedding photos, so if you think he needs to shed a few pounds before the big day, you need to make sure he adopts a healthy eating regime about 10 or 12 weeks before the wedding.

And if you don’t want him turning up with bits of toilet paper stuck all over his face, make sure he’s got a decent razor.

6. Gifts For The Groomsmen

Your groom will have chosen his very best friends to be his groomsmen, and they will have been his rocks not only on the wedding day, but in the months leading up to it.

And he will want to say a special thank-you to these guys, so when he is choosing a special gift for them you may like to throw a few ideas into the mix.

7. The Wedding Day

And as you enter the church, and see him waiting for you at the altar your heart melts. And as you draw level with him and he turns and smiles, and whispers “you look amazing”, you know he is just the most handsome, perfect groom in the world.

After all, he is the man you have chosen to share the rest of your life with.

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