7 Ways To Make Sure Your Guests Enjoy Your Wedding

When you invite people to join you in your wedding celebrations, you obviously want them to come away saying they had a great time – that it didn’t feel like ‘just another wedding’.

So although it’s your day, knowing that your guests enjoyed it too will make it seem extra special.

So why not check out these 7 ways you can make sure your guests have a great time at your wedding?

1. Who Pays For The Drinks?

Definitely no cash bar!  It’s considered really bad manners to invite guests to your wedding and then expect them to pay for anything.

Don’t forget they will probably already have spent money on a new outfit, and a gift for you. And those living out of town will have had travelling expenses and will maybe have to pay for hotels.

2. Singles +1?

This is a question that most couples ask when planning their wedding guest list. Should they invite singles to bring a guest?

Well, there are no hard and fast rules, but when my husband and I were planning our wedding, we decided that everyone we had invited to share our day was very special to us.

We certainly didn’t want any of our guests to feel out of place, or uncomfortable, sat alone at a table between couples, so of course we did say ‘plus guest’ on the invitations we sent to single friends and relations.

3. Elderly Guests

Don’t forget the comfort of your elderly guests is important as the evening celebrations get under way. To them the whole day may seem long and overwhelming.

So sit them in a quiet place away from the bar and the loud music where they can feel more relaxed.

4. The Night Before

In more formal and traditional weddings, the rehearsal dinner is normally paid for by the groom’s parents. But it is quite acceptable these days for the bride and groom to foot the bill.

The dinner guests should include the bride and groom, both sets of parents, the rest of the wedding party and other immediate family members.

You should also invite the officiant plus a guest, and anyone else who is special to you.

This is a special occasion when all these people can get to know each other in relaxed surroundings.

5. Extra Tables For Parents?

If any of your parents are with new partners, then respect this and have an extra top table. It’s not fair to ask parents who are no longer together, to sit together just because their children are marrying.

It’s just about being polite, and everyone being able to enjoy the day.

6. To Feed Or Not To Feed

Although people such as photographers and others who are working throughout your wedding day don’t expect to join in your sit-down meal, of course they need to eat during the day.

So it’s proper that you should offer them some kind of food. Ask your caterers to prepare a simple meal or sandwiches and drinks for these people.

7. Ceremony And Reception –  Filling The Gap

We’ve all been to weddings in the past where there is a gap of sometimes 2 or 3 hours between the ceremony and the reception.

And if guests don’t live nearby it can be difficult for them to pass this time and can really spoil their day.

So make it clear on the invitation that there will be this break, and offer them a way to enjoy the time.

Maybe a relative living locally would be happy for everyone to go to their house for a cup of tea. Or you could suggest a nearby pub where everyone could meet for drinks and nibbles.

So hopefully you will find these tips useful. It’s so nice to look back on your wedding and know that every guest had a wonderful day, and each and every one of them was made to feel really special.

So till next time

Take care


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