About WeddingSevens.com

WeddingSevens.com is all about planning weddings. I created this blog to help all brides-to-be to make sure that their wedding day is the most special and memorable day of their lives.

Who Am I?

My name’s Jennifer Collins and I’m from just outside London in the UK. For my day job I work as a sales assistant in a little fashion boutique in the heart of London. But what I really love doing is working on this blog in the evenings!

I got married on Saturday, July 18th, 2010 (it was also my 29th birthday, so my wedding anniversary and birthdays will always come together, which is nice!) and I’m very happy to say it was the happiest day of my life – as it should be for all us girls!

What Is Wedding Sevens?

When I decided to set up my own wedding blog, I took a look around online to see what was already out there. There were a a lot of bad blogs, a few good blogs, and even a couple of great blogs, but they were all pretty much the same, and none of them felt truly unique.

But whether the blogs were good or bad or great, what I noticed was that all the best posts were lists. Things like “Top 10 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding,” or “5 Things You Need To Know About Honeymoons,” etc.

I really loved these posts that were lists, and so did everyone else judging by the comments that were left on these blogs.

So that gave me an idea: What if I set up a wedding blog that was completely full of lists like these, on all the topics that any bride-to-be would be interested in?

The moment I had that idea I knew that was what I wanted my wedding blog to be like.

And that’s why this blog is called Wedding Sevens – because almost every post is a list of 7, and I really hope this “lists approach” to my posts is something you enjoy. I certainly enjoy writing them for you!

Why Did I Create This Blog?

Planning my wedding was probably the most fun I’ve ever had.

For months, me and my friends and my sisters did nothing but talk about my wedding. We’d spend hours talking non-stop about everything wedding-related that you could think of:

  • my dress
  • my hair
  • the bridesmaid dresses
  • my honeymoon
  • my reception
  • what band we’d have at the reception
  • my shoes
  • the budget
  • the menu
  • the guest list
  • and a million other things

The subject of my wedding consumed us all for months.

And then the day came and my wedding was here, and it was incredible. The best day of my life, without a doubt.

But there was a really big downside that I just hadn’t thought about: that all the talking and planning and looking forward to my wedding was gone now that it had happened.

I know it sounds weird, but it was almost like I was in mourning for my wedding planning.

I realised that I’d never be getting married again, and that meant that I’d never get to immerse myself in all things weddings ever again.

That was a pretty sad thought, because I’d had such fun in the months leading up to my wedding.

But then I had an idea.

What if I started a blog that was dedicated to planning weddings? What if I shared all that I’d learned during my own wedding planning with other women who were getting married?

I realised it would give me a perfect excuse to stay involved with weddings permanently!

The moment I had the idea for a wedding blog I knew it was something I would do. And WeddingSevens.com is the result.

So really, this blog is my way of getting to plan and talk about weddings forever, even though my own wedding is way in the past.

And If you’re planning your own wedding right now, then I really hope some of the ideas on this blog help you out.