Check Out These 7 Great Ideas For A Wedding Theme

When it comes to planning a wedding, every couple wants theirs to be unique, and they want it to be a day no-one will ever forget. So what could be better than a wedding with a special theme?

If you are trying to decide on a theme for your wedding, take a look at these 7 ideas

1. 60s Theme

The 1960s was a decade that brought many changes. There was a lot of serious stuff going on during this time. Things like men landing on the moon, Martin Luther King and his famous speech and the assassination of JFK.

But the ‘swinging sixties’ as they were called, were also a time when things became more relaxed. There were new and exciting trends in fashion and music.

Just look at some of the things from this era, some of which are still part of our lives today:

  • Rock n’ roll
  • Elvis Presley
  • The Beatles
  • Espresso Bars
  • Mary Quant and the mini-skirt

So if you would like to find out more about a wedding with a 60’s theme, here is a website you should check out:

2. Scottish Theme

If you or your husband-to-be have Scottish heritage, then why not take advantage of this and have a really unique wedding with a Scottish theme?

Even if you are not actually marrying in Scotland just look at how simple this is to do.

You need to find a countryside location with a large ballroom. Then use your family tartan to add a personal touch to your invitations, menus and place cards.

Of course your groom and his groomsmen will be wearing kilts and you can add tartan ribbons to your dress.

And for an extra special touch why not hire a pipe band and have a piper lead you down the aisle. Then when the ceremony is over begin your ceilidh with a traditional reel.

So if this idea appeals to you check out this website

3. Outdoor Wedding

This is a great theme if you are planning to marry during the spring or summer season. If you are lucky enough to have a garden that is large enough to hold a wedding party, then why not use it as your location.

This way you can turn your wedding reception into a wonderful garden party. Of course, no matter how carefully you plan every detail, you can’t plan the weather, so you need to have a plan B.

Your guests may need to shelter from wind or rain and of course they will need bathroom facilities so unless you hire a marquee, you may need to move everyone inside the house.

But if the weather is on your side, this is a great way to have a day to remember.

4. Vineyard and Wine Wedding

Many vineyards and wineries now rent out space where couples can hold their weddings. What more beautiful backdrop could you ask for than the rows and rows of lush vines and the surrounding countryside?

Most wineries offer you the choice of a casual candle-lit dinner in a decorated barn, or a more formal sit-down dinner in a larger room.

And there is also usually the option to supply your own food if you prefer, and they would be glad to supply the wine, and wine themed favors and table decorations.

You also have the opportunity to purchase bottles of wine with personalised labels on for your guests to take home.

A great romantic setting and fine wine – what could be better?

5. Christmas Wedding

Christmas is such a happy time of year to get married, and with churches and halls already decorated for the festive season, this will save you a lot of money.

If your wedding is going to be a small intimate affair you could look for a hotel or an inn with log fires. If you are planning a larger wedding reception you could use a venue like a country house that would still have the Christmas atmosphere.

Your guests will love the opportunity to dress up in gorgeous coats and wraps and stoles instead of the usual wedding attire.

And you can serve lovely warm drinks like mulled wine, eggnog or hot chocolate topped with marshmallows. And instead of the usual wedding menu, why not serve your guests hearty winter soups and roasts followed by real puddings.

Just be sure to send out save-the-date cards early as people tend to arrange parties and other functions at this time of year. You can find lots of useful information on winter weddings on this website:

6. Wedding With a Green Theme

These days more than ever, people are aware that we all need to do our bit to preserve the planet. So having a green wedding is a great way to do your bit.

You can start by making sure all your invitations, save the date cards and thank-you cards are made from tree-free or recycled paper.

There are lots of other things you can do to help, such as buying a dress that is made from natural materials, buying rings from an ethical jeweller, and making certain your menu consists of foods that are organic and where possible, locally grown.

The same goes for your wedding cake. Many cake suppliers now sell cakes which are made using free range eggs and local ingredients.

So as you can see, you can still have the wedding you always dreamed of, while doing your bit for the environment.

7. A Fairytale Wedding

A fairytale wedding is the dream of every young girl. So it’s not surprising that many brides still want to be a princess on their wedding day. After all, what could be more romantic than walking down the aisle in a gorgeous full length gown, long white gloves, a sparkling tiara and necklace and of course Cinderella slippers?

Carry on the whole fairytale theme by sending invitations designed with Disney characters, giving crystal Cinderella glass slippers as favors to your guests and having the music from your favourite Disney film playing for your first dance.

Find out more by checking out this website:

These are just a few suggestions for a wedding theme, but there really are no rules. Just decide what your favourite things are and build your theme around them.

So till next time
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