Complete Wedding Budget Guide – Part 4: The Shoes

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Complete Wedding Budget Guide – Part 4: The Shoes

Now you’ve found your perfect wedding gown, it’s time to start looking for the accessories to compliment it.

You’ve probably got a list – veil, tiara, lingerie, jewellery, make-up, gloves, handbag – the list goes on and on, and the costs soon begin to add up.

But one of the most important accessories you will need to buy are your wedding shoes.

And if you’ve already been looking around, you will have seen that bridal shoes can be very expensive.

To help you out with this problem, I’ve put together the following quick guide where I’ll show you 3 simple ways to save you a big chunk of money on your wedding shoes.

Make Your Own Designer Shoes

Why not buy a pair of regular plain white shoes and decorate them yourself, by adding your own embellishments. You can simply decorate your shoes by sticking pretty bows, crystals and sparkly beads on them. Or for a really glam look, spray your shoes with a glitter shoe dye.

Your shoes will be unique, exactly what you want, and you won’t be paying the high prices of the designer shops.

Insanely Cheap Shoes On Line

If you are looking for a pair of designer shoes at a great bargain price, then the Internet is a good place to start. EBay is one of the best sights to browse when you are looking for wedding shoes.

This site always has a large selection of both traditional and modern shoes. In fact wedding shoes in all shapes, sizes, and colours. And many different styles, from flip-flops to killer heels.

This site also has many discontinued styles, and samples from bridal boutiques and wedding shows, and foreign imports which are much cheaper.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that new stock appears on this site almost every day, so if you keep checking back it won’t be long before you find exactly the pair of shoes you are looking for.

Think Outside The Box

There’s a third way to approach this, but you have to think outside the box. Instead of saving money on your wedding shoes, save money on the shoes you won’t have to buy.

So pay the full price for a glamorous pair of of designer wedding shoes, and make the savings on all the shoes you won’t have to bu if your wedding shoes will work for other occasions.

Most people wear their wedding shoes just for their wedding, and then put them back in their box where they remain. But just think of all the times you could wear your beautiful shoes:

  • christmas parties
  • weddings
  • future anniversaries
  • vacations
  • girl’s nights out
  • in other words, any chance you get

So when you are buying your shoes, make sure you select a pair that will be versatile, and will work for all the different occasions I mentioned above.

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