Be Sure To Enjoy Your Engagement

Wedding planning is fun, and most of the time it’s exciting, but in the midst of the pre-wedding rush it’s easy to forget that you are an engaged couple in love, and this should be the happiest time of your lives. But suddenly you realise that planning your big day has taken over your life.

So when you find the whole thing just a little overwhelming, take a couple of days out.  Forget all about pleasing the parents, negotiating with vendors and caterers, organising seating plans and menus, and all the other 101 things you have to do.

Just sneak away for a romantic weekend together – make an agreement not to think about wedding plans the whole weekend.

How about Paris?  Even just being there is romantic, but here are some things you might like to do while you are there:

Climb the Eiffel Tower – see the magnificent views of Paris from the top.

Scratch your initials on a padlock, secure it to the fence on the Pont des Arts bridge – then wear the key on a chain around your neck.

Picnic on the grass amid all the other young couples in the Jardin du Luxembourg.  If you’re a fan of Les Miserables, you will recognise that this is the place Marius and Cosette first met.

Stop at Angelinas on Rue de Rivoli for a Hot Chocolat a L’ancienne – reputed to be the thickest, creamiest, most delicious hot chocolate ever!

Head over to La Maison de Chocolat – buy a huge bag of truffles and chocolates – take them back to the hotel and eat them in bed.

Eat dinner at the romantic and quirky Coupe Chou Restaurant on Rue de Lanneau. Candlelit tables in small alcoves – absolutely perfect for a romantic dinner.

Explore the Latin Quarter – walk through the cobbled streets and alleyways – discover the quaint antique shops, tea shops, book shops, small theatres, museums and patisseries in the winding back streets.

Take a dinner cruise on the Seine, sail down the left bank and see why Paris is called the City Of Lights.

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