How To Choose Wedding Accessories

For a bride-to-be her wedding day isn’t just about becoming a wife, it’s about leaving behind the often carefree days of the single girl to become a real grown-up, and part of a couple for life. So of course her wedding day is probably the most important day of her life. And, it’s the day most women have dreamed about since they were a little girl. The day they were a beautiful bride.

So now you have met the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you are about to make the wedding day you’ve always dreamed about, a reality. When it comes to planning your wedding, you really have two choices – you can hire a professional wedding planner, or you can have great fun organising your own wedding day.

It might seem a really mammoth task to begin with, but with the help of a checklist you can be sure that even the smallest details are not forgotten. You will be only too aware that all eyes are going to be upon you as you enter the church, so you need to give special attention to the accessories you choose to wear.

Here are some of the accessories you will need to wear as you walk down the aisle:

Head Wear

A veil is the perfect headdress to wear if your dress is very formal. For a more casual look choose a tiara, or fresh flowers which match your bouquet. Hair jewellery gives also gives a pretty look.


Pearls are still a popular choice for many brides, but diamond necklaces and diamond ear studs look great with a strapless wedding gown.


A simple little clutch bag or a pretty drawstring purse will not only enhance your look, but enable you to carry tissues, pins, lip gloss and other emergency bits and bobs you may need.


Of course, shoes are one of all bride’s most important accessories, but don’t forget you are going to have a long day – so consider comfort when choosing your shoes.

These are just some of the accessories you need to wear to finish your look. It’s always good to remember that your dress is the star of the day, and all the accessories you wear should work with it and not overshadow it.

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