How To Choose Your Wedding Music

Organising a wedding can seem like a mammoth task for a bride-to-be. It requires careful planning to make certain everything is perfect on your big day. And you know that while your guests only have to turn up and enjoy the day, you are the one who has suffered many sleepless nights planning every little detail.

One of things that is most important to get right on your wedding day is your choice of music. Choosing the right music will bring a romantic feel to your wedding – both at the ceremony,  the wedding breakfast and indeed the reception party.

Music For Your Ceremony

When you are selecting your wedding music, you might like to break it down into different parts. Perhaps it would be nice to have someone singing live at your ceremony. If this is something you would like to consider, then you would need to discuss your choices of music or hymns with your officiant if you are planning a church ceremony.

Once he is happy and gives you permission, you can start to ask around your friends and relations for recommendations as you begin your search for the right person to sing at your ceremony.

Another alternative for you to consider is to have a harpist playing softly as the guests begin to arrive at the church. And then as you as you enter the church you have the harpist play a piece of music that is very special to you and your groom.

After the ceremony guests can listen to the gentle harp music as you sign the register. This music is also perfect for a drinks reception – a harpist is one of the best ways of adding romance and elegance to your wedding.

Music For Your Evening Party

After your wedding breakfast is over, and the speeches are done, all the serious stuff is finished and it’s time to dim the lights, relax and let the party begin. This is the time to let your hair down and join your guests for some fun on the dance floor.

Many couples choose to have a disco for their evening entertainment. A good DJ will play a mix of songs to suit all ages. You can also give him a list of songs you would like him to play, as well as any you don’t want.

A live dance band is also a popular choice for the evening entertainment.  Tribute bands, country and western bands, jazz bands, rock’n roll bands are just a few of the different options for your reception music.


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