How To Choose Your Wedding Photographer

Your wedding photographs are more than just pictures – they tell the story of your wedding day. And although the bride and groom are the main attraction, many of your photographs will include guests and also your wedding venue and the surroundings.

Wedding photographs are one of the most important parts of your wedding day. Every couple looks forward to seeing their pictures when they return from honeymoon. They are not just simple mementos, they are your special moments on what was probably the most amazing day of your life.

Where To Look

So part of your wedding planning is to find a good photographer. There are several ways you can do this. Word of mouth is always good, so you could ask any friends who have recently got married if they recommend the person they employed to take their pictures. Or of course you can find adverts for wedding photographers at wedding fairs, bridal boutiques and magazines.

Be sure you choose your photographer carefully. Ask to see his portfolio of weddings he has previously photographed. This will let you see if you like the style of pictures he takes. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and explain exactly what you want.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

Have a list of questions ready when you interview any would-be photographer. Ask if he has the necessary insurance. This is very important. If something should happen to go wrong with your pictures, although it would be very distressing, at least you can have a second lot of pictures taken. And ask how long he intends to stay at your wedding taking pictures.

Make sure he understands the theme of your wedding, and whether it is going to be a very grand formal affair, or a smaller more casual occasion. Most photographers have different packages with various prices, so ask him to tell you exactly what pictures you will get for your budget. Ask if the price includes your wedding album, and an album for both sets of parents. If it doesn’t, how much extra will this cost?

Above all, make sure you choose a wedding photographer that you feel happy with. You need to be confident that he knows exactly what you want. After all, you and probably your children and your grandchildren will be looking at these pictures many times throughout the coming years. Wonderful memories of your perfect day.

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