How To Find The Perfect Beach Wedding Dress

Beach weddings continue to grow in popularity. Every year more and more couples are jetting off to the exotic beaches on foreign shores. And it’s easy to see why. The glorious setting of a tropical island, with the fine white sands, palm trees, clear turquoise waters and breathtaking views make this a most romantic place to exchange your wedding vows.

So as as you begin to plan for your perfect day, one of the most important things you have to do is find your perfect wedding gown.

There are a few things to consider when selecting a dress for a beach wedding. For instance, is your wedding going to be a full blown formal affair or will it be a small, more intimate occasion? Most beach weddings seem to be the latter of the two with just a few guests. Mostly due to travelling expenses etc.

So what makes a perfect beach wedding dress? Of course, there are hundreds of different dresses to choose from out there, and it’s just a case of trying on as many as it takes until you find the one that is perfect for you.

Tea Length Dress

Many brides choose a tea length dress if they are are going to be walking to their ceremony on the sand. If the temperature is going to be hot then this type of dress is perfect. This is also a very practical option as the sand won’t make the bottom of your dress heavy.

Floaty Dress

If you think the beach may have a gentle breeze, then a chiffon floaty dress will give you a very simple yet romantic look. Some pretty sandals or even bare feet, and a flower in your hair will give you the perfect look.

Strapless Dress

Of course a strapless dress is always popular with beach brides. Loose curls, sparkly jewels and a pretty bouquet is a very romantic look. Don’t forget evenings can be chilly – have a shoulder wrap handy.

A-line Mini dress

An organza dress with a strapless neckline and an A- line mini skirt is a perfect choice if you are lucky enough to have a great pair of legs. This is a lovely relaxed style and excellent for showing off a tan.

Mermaid Style Dress

A mermaid style dress is perfect style for the bride who wants a more elegant look. A ruched bodice with embellishments the sparkle when the sun catches them will certainly be your perfect look.

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