Should You Have A Las Vegas Wedding?

We so often hear of celebrity couples flying to Las Vegas to get married on a whim, only to wake up the following morning full of regret. Now Las Vegas has this reputation, which to me seems a little unfair, but despite everything, it still remains a very popular wedding destination.

The fact that 120,000 couples decide to come here every year from all over the world to get married bears this out. And for couples who want to avoid the stressful planning of a traditional wedding, and are looking for something a little different, and a bit more exciting, then a Las Vegas wedding could be the answer.

Las Vegas is one of the most exciting cities in America, and if you are wondering if this is the right place for your wedding, just take a look at why it is such a popular choice with couples planning a destination wedding.

The Climate

Las Vegas enjoys around 320 days of sunshine a year – high summer temperatures can often exceed 100 degrees. December is the coldest month here when temperatures fall to around the mid fifties.

The Strip

The Strip, or Las Vegas Boulevard is over 4 miles long.  Here you will find some of the biggest and best hotels and casinos in the world. And if you’ve never seen it before, nothing can prepare you for the sight of nighttime Vegas, when the Strip really comes alive.

Elvis And Vegas

‘Elvis Presley’ continues to be a big attraction in Las Vegas – even after all these years. You will find an Elvis impersonator on almost every corner, giving you the chance to have ‘Elvis’ walk you down the aisle.

Your Honeymoon

Take a helicopter ride over the strip at night for a spectacular view of Las Vegas. Or take a bus out to the Grand Canyon, then fly over the Hoover Dam, take a boat ride on the Colorado river, visit the native Indian lands and enjoy an authentic Indian BBQ.

If you decide to get married in Las Vegas, you will always remember what an exciting experience your wedding was.

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