Things To Consider Before Your Wedding

Naturally there are many things to consider when you decide to get married. And getting married isn’t just about a fantastic fairy tale wedding day, it’s about the rest of your life.

Getting married is about saying goodbye to your single days and spending the rest of your days as one half of a couple – so it’s probably the biggest life-changing thing you will ever do. So have a look at these 3 questions you might like to think about before your wedding.

1. Do You Need A Prenuptial Agreement?

Prenuptial agreements were once only for the wealthy few. But these days more and more couples are looking at the serious side of their future security. These agreements are often used in cases where one of the couple is wealthier than the other, or when there are children from a previous marriage to consider.

While some might think a prenuptial agreement is a negative way to enter a marriage, others think it’s an honest and practical thing to do, in case there should ever be financial problems in the future.

2. Should You Take Your Husband’s Name?

Traditionally, women have always adopted their husband’s surname after they married. But these days many are opting to keep their own birth name. And this can be for a number reasons, either personal or professional.

You could also drop the ‘Miss’ from your title and use ‘Ms’. And of course, keeping your maiden name is the easy option. No need to notify anyone as your personal details won’t have changed.

Or you could choose to use your maiden name, followed by your husband’s name which would give you a double barreled surname. But this would mean changing your name by deed poll in order to get your records changed.

3. Should You Write Your Own Wedding Vows?

Couples choosing to write their own vows is something that has become very popular over the past few years. But not all religions will permit this. While some require you to include certain parts or phrases from the traditional wedding vows, others will only permit you to recite the traditional vows.

But providing your officiant is happy for you to write your own vows, you have the chance to make your own personal promises to each other.

Being able to personalize your vows gives you the chance to say what is really in your heart as you marry. You may decide to write individual vows or you might like to write them together, so as you can make the same promises to each other. Either way you won’t simply be repeating the same words that almost every other couples has said before you.

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