Unwind With These 7 Great Wedding-Themed Films

If your wedding is now just weeks or even days away, you might feel like you could do with some stress relief. So how about a girlie night? Invite your best friends, hire a film, open a bottle of wine and ban all talk of your wedding for the whole evening.

So here are 7 of my favourite wedding – themed films:

1. Father Of The Bride

This is Steve Martin at his absolute best. He plays George Banks, the father trying to come to terms with the fact that his daughter is all grown up, and what is even worse, she wants to get married.

She wants a grand wedding with all the trimmings, organised by a planner, but he only wants to pay for a wedding on a shoestring budget.

2. My Best Friend’s Wedding

Julianne Potter ( played by Julia Robers), is invited to the wedding of an ex boyfriend. But she suddenly realises she still loves him, and decides that by hook or by crook she will get him back.

But his wedding is only days away.

3. Very Bad Things

This film is a black comedy about a bachelor party that goes terribly wrong. The groom-to-be, the best man and three friends head to a hotel in Vegas with a plan to drink and gamble the weekend away.

When a hooker turns up, things start to go terribly wrong, and the plot takes many surprising twists and turns and things go from bad to worse.

4. The Wedding Planner

If you are a fan of romantic comedies then you will love this film. Jennifer Lopez plays Mary, a wedding planner who has been asked to plan the biggest wedding of her career. But just days before the wedding she has fallen in love with the groom.

Of course it’s a bit predictable, but hey, who doesn’t enjoy a happy ending?

5. Runaway Bride

This film sees Julia Roberts and Richard Gere back together again. This time she plays a woman who has run away from three previous weddings and he is a reporter who wants to write about her.

But as with most romantic comedies, it’s quite predictable. But definitely still worth watching.

6. Four Weddings And A Funeral

This film follows the charming Charles, played by Hugh Grant, who always seems to be turning up at other people’s weddings. If you haven’t yet watched this film, then you are in for a treat.

But be prepared. There will be moments when you will be doubled up with laughter, and others when you will be reaching for the Kleenex.

7. Pretty Woman

Although this film has been around since 1990, it just seems to have stood the test of time. We’ve all seen it – some of us more than once, but we always seem to be able to watch it again.

Maybe the story is a bit far fetched, a bit of a fairy tale, but still thoroughly enjoyable, however many times you have seen it.

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