How A Vintage-Themed Wedding Can Save You A Fortune

Every bride wants her wedding day to be the one she has dreamed about since she was a little girl. But when you see that the average wedding in the US costs a whopping $30,000, you could be forgiven for thinking a dream wedding is going to be almost impossible to achieve.

But not so – with some careful planning and some clever shopping you can have a dream wedding at a fraction of the price. And one of the easiest ways to cut the cost of a wedding is to have a vintage theme. Not only will this save you loads of money, but it will make your wedding unique, romantic and above all a celebration everyone will enjoy and remember for a long time to come.

So let’s start by looking at what will probably be your most expensive purchase – your wedding dress.

Where Can You find Your Perfect Wedding Gown?

There are several ways you can search for a vintage wedding gown and save money.

I imagine lots of our mothers and grandmothers still have their wedding dresses in storage, so ask around all your friends, relations, and work colleagues, and you never know, you just might be lucky enough to find someone who will be able to lend you a real authentic vintage wedding dress, complete with veil. As an added bonus, this could be your ‘something borrowed’.

If this plan doesn’t work, then you could look on the Ebay auction site where there are always bargains to be found. Or you can hunt around the vintage clothes shops, markets, garage sales and thrift shops.

Many of today’s designers are producing replicas of dresses from previous decades, and a lot of the samples finish up at bridal fairs, which means they can often be purchased at a greatly reduced price.

Oxfam in the UK now have several bridal shops selling wedding dresses which have been donated. Some are previously owned, but many are new, having been donated by designers and boutiques who need to make room for new designs.

These shops are run by fully trained staff who are always on hand to help you, and of course, if you purchase a gown from Oxfam, you are helping a worthwhile charity.

Watch Those Pennies!

Here in the UK we have a very old saying – ‘Take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves’. Well I suppose talking about pennies might be a bit old fashioned these days, but the principle remains the same. You will be surprised at just how much we all spend on the little things, and how it all mounts up.

Take wedding magazines for instance.

I know only too well how tempting it is buy these magazines, especially when you are planning your wedding. Everywhere you shop you come face to face with racks of glossy mags with a beautiful bride on every cover, and you just have to have them.

But nice as they might be, a lot of their content is just advertisements for top designer dresses, and luxurious venues that only the rich and famous could afford to pay for.

Most of these magazines have websites. So by going online you can still browse the gorgeous dresses, shoes, and diamond encrusted jewels and read the interesting features and articles and it won’t cost you anything.

Have A Great Big Tea Party

Planning a vintage style wedding reception is great fun, and it’s another area of your wedding where you can make great savings. Hiring large halls or hotels can be very expensive. Besides which, you need to hold your reception in a venue that reflects the era – somewhere like a barn is perfect.

Or, if you are confident the weather will be kind to you on the day, then an open air reception in a landscaped garden or a park is ideal.

Involve all your friends and relations, and with their help do your own catering and turn your reception into a fantastic afternoon tea party!

Set the tables with pretty gingham clothes, and place candles ready to light for the evening. Hire vintage crockery –  tea cups, tea pots, milk jugs and sugar bowls and cake stands. Get everyone mucking in together making large platters of sandwiches, huge bowls of salads, big pots of tea and loads and loads of cakes! Serve it all up with jugs of Pimms.

In the evening, as dusk falls, light the candles to create a romantic atmosphere. Then get the hog roast going, serve with baked potatoes and enjoy dancing to the music of past decades.

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